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Durban High School has perpetuated a ‘Heritage of Excellence’ for 150 years, being Durban’s oldest school.

DHS leads boys on their journey to become men and take their place in the world. Each boy is as unique as his journey, and DHS is proud to be part of the making of both history and the future.

More than just a high school, DHS becomes a way of life for many of its learners.

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Joshua Spooner, Hassen Moorad, Odwa Phakathi, Amaan Ramanand, Yusuf Rasad and Steven Waites



Top 5 in their Grades for Term 2

by SharonDrew in News Articles

Congratulations to the following young gentlemen who all placed in the Top 5 in their grade for Term 2: Grade 12: 1st           Joshua Spooner 2nd         Hassen Moorad 3rd          Odwa Phakathi 4th          Amaan Ramanand 5th          Yusuf Rasad and Steven Waites Grade 11: 1st           Muhammad Moosa 2nd         Ashvir Debba 3rd          Avuyile Madiba and Kribashan Naidoo 5th          Yusuf Moosa Grade 10: 1st           Neeven Naidoo 2nd         Mahil Dessai 3rd         ...

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